Powering a future
free of gender stereotypes through education

Gender stereotypes exist at every level of society, impacting people of all genders, in every country around the world.

As children grow older, these stereotypes impact not just children’s aspirations but also their self-esteem, educational progress, and career choices, especially for girls and LGBTIQ+ children. More than 575 million girls live in countries where inequitable gender norms violate their rights. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

Educators around the world can tackle and overturn harmful gender stereotypes by ensuring children question and reject such stereotypes. Emerging evidence shows education programs using play-based techniques in early childhood, primary and early secondary education have significant impact on children’s attitudes and behavior on gender stereotypes. Change is possible now. What we need is the political will, the investment and the momentum to make this change.

Real Brave Change is a movement to power a future free of gender stereotypes for all.

Help us build and strengthen this movement by sharing your experience of gender stereotypes and how you and those around you have overcome them. Your story will be featured in this space to amplify the harmful impact of gender stereotypes around the world, and the solutions that help to tackle them.

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